Confinement is the time for a new mother to heal and recover their body from pregnancy and childbirth. In traditional Chinese practice, it is believed that the labour process drains a mother’s energy and weakens her body. 

Food for Recovery

In any tradition, food plays a vital part in a mother’s postpartum recovery. The one-month confinement is carefully planned and observed to ensure the well-being of the mother over the long-term. A special confinement meal program is carefully planned with tonics, soups and healthy tea to help mothers regain their health and enhance their immune system.

Mothers today are fortunate to have confinement food home delivery as they can enjoy their confinement at home while having healthy, traditional and well planned-out confinement food delivered to their doorstep. Many traditional Chinese confinement food deliveries today go through rounds and rounds of planning and research before a comprehensive confinement meal program is created. 

HERS 4-stages Postnatal Recovery Program

PopoMama, for example, has crafted a 4-stage confinement meal program that takes into account the 4 postnatal recovery stages. The food during the first stage of confinement focuses on the healing of uterus and wounds, the second stage enhances the Qi, blood and digestive system, the third stage promotes recovery of organs and replenishes the mother’s energy and the final stage strengthens the bones, immune system and bodily functions.

The food program throughout these 4-stages also takes into account the mother’s breastfeeding journey. Being a breastfeeding-friendly confinement meal provider, PopoMama includes lactation inducing food such as papaya, asparagus, peas, salmon and a variety of lactation cookies and milk-boosting tea. 

A Complete Postpartum Recovery

PopoMama’s Chinese confinement food delivery program has a well-planned menu with more than 200 varieties of food. Mothers going through their postpartum period can concentrate on their newborn while PopoMama takes care of their recovery through an array of healthy and delicious confinement meal program. 


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