Why do We Need Best Energy Efficient Windows & Doors?

In a tropical country like Malaysia, sometimes the heat can be unbearable especially during hot afternoons where the interior of the house is stuffy and humid, causing its occupants to feel uncomfortable. Do you ever wonder how the heat from the outside enters the house, thus increasing the indoor temperature?

The answer is through all the windows and doors in the house, which is what causes the temperature in the house to rise.

Trend Thermal is an experienced supplier of this industry that will provide you with the best energy-efficient windows and doors that can keep you feeling cool inside the house no matter how high the outside temperature is.

How to Choose Energy Efficient Window & Doors?

Here are some tips to choose the right energy-efficient windows and doors for your home:

Includes thermal break

A thermal break is the insulation layer placed between the inner and outer frame of the window or glass door, and its duty is to reduce or prevent the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside (for tropical countries or in summer) or even from the inside to the outside (winter). A thermal break basically resists the loss of thermal energy, therefore it is said to be more energy-efficient, especially when you do not have to lower the temperature of the air-conditioning system due to the rising heat inside the house.
The thermal break thickness is very important in helping to resist the heat flow. A thicker thermal break allows the double-glazed windows and doors to insulate better with the help of certain types of gases in between the glazing units. A good thermal break is usually made out of materials with low conductivity of heat such as plastic or non-metal materials. This would ensure good heat insulation, therefore reducing maximum heat transfer.

Double-glazed glass

Trend Thermal offers double-glazed glass windows and doors, which means the window or glass is comprised of two pieces of glass panes with a layer of gas in between as an insulation layer. The glass panes have low-emissivity (low-E) coating, which is made out of a thin and transparent layer of metal oxide. The coating tends to reflect radiant heat to the outside while allowing light to enter the house. The low-E coating helps to reduce the U-Value of a window, which is a measurement of how well the window can prevent heat transfer. A lower U-Value means a better insulation of heat. Compared to single-glazed, a double-glazed window or door definitely has a lower U-Value, further protecting your home from the heat. The heat and light that enter the house is reduced by more than 50%.
Additionally, double-glazed windows provide enhanced security and it reduces the external noise that enters or exits the house, giving you more personal space and feeling more peaceful at night even if your neighbours are making too much noise. Besides that, the extra layer between the two glass panes further blocks moisture from coming into the house which helps to keep you feeling dry as opposed to the humidity outside.

Proper door and window frame or casement

Apart from door frames, Trend Thermal provides aluminium casements for windows as well. The window and door frames that we provide are either made out of PVC or aluminium. PVC is versatile, affordable and a very good insulator of heat which reduces the heat flow; on the other hand, the modern aluminium that we use has been improvised to reduce its heat conductivity. The window frames come in standard window sizes that match the sizes of the brick opening, thus eliminating the need to cut bricks according to the size of the window. Moreover, they are equipped with Trend Thermal’s patented Inline Reveal System, thus the overall aluminium frame size is the same as the overall reveal size of the window. Even though frames are an essential part of a window, we make sure that the window size is not compromised.
If you prefer casements instead of frames, Trend Thermal has the right aluminium casement windows and doors for your home. These windows are hung by the side and they open outwards like a door. They are easy to be opened and closed without taking too much of the indoor space, therefore it is ideal for every type of home. On the other hand, our aluminium folding door is very popular among our clients due to its functionality and design. These doors have hinges at the top and the bottom, and they slide open while you fold them inwards and outwards. Generally, casement windows and doors are more energy-efficient than framed doors and windows because of the gap that allows the heat to come in even when they are closed. In addition to that, casement windows also allow you to open them wider compared to their framed counterparts.

Various modern designs

All our glass windows and doors come with a layer of durable powder-coating that is available in 8 colours so they are able to blend in with homes of different designs. Besides giving it an extra layer of protection, it gives off a sense of modern design to the glass, complementing the interior and exterior design of the house. The casement doors and windows come with satin chrome hinges that enhances the modern feeling of the door and window design. Aside from that, the sash catches and lockable sash operators are coloured to match the windows and doors, for example, the colour for Woodland Grey comes from black hardware so that the overall look is classy and elegant.
The casement is designed to look aesthetically pleasing on top of its high quality and smooth operation. The casement comes in light and dark colours while keeping the tone neutral such as white, grey, black et cetera to maintain the elegance of the home design.

Australian Standards certification and warranty

Trend Thermal’s windows and doors exceeds the Australian Standards AS2047 and AS1170, which include tests like the deflection test, air infiltration test, water penetration resistance test and others that are related to the structural performance of the windows and doors. Besides, the windows and doors by Trend Thermal have also obtained the AS1288 certificate which proves that the glazing on the glass is safe to use, ensuring that it is of high quality.
Trend thermal also provides a 10-year warranty for all our products. Therefore, if there are any problems relating your windows and doors, please contact us for assistance.

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