Determining who’ll take care of your child when you’re at work is a daunting task. Child care services are especially crucial for busy moms in Malaysia, but before a parent decides to enrol their child in daycare services, they need to make a personal choice carefully. The decision you make should aim at supporting both work and home-life balance, all the while benefiting all household members. Single parents, in particular, benefit the most since they’re not capable of raising their kids and partaking jobs at the same time. For this and many other reasons, daycare thus becomes the most viable option to end all your parenting woes.


Below are some of the top benefits parents enjoy from putting their young ones through child day care services.


1. Regular schedule and activities


Every child has a schedule to follow at most daycare centres. Although kids might be unaware of the ticking clock, all of them are acquainted with different activities like

  • storytelling
  • singing
  • playing

together. These fun activities are vital for a child’s intellectual growth and development. Parents are also happy to see their kid’s behaviour improve, particularly when they start becoming aware of an eating, playing, and sleeping schedule.


2. Time with peers


Most stay-at-home moms value the regular play dates they pull together with families and neighbours with children of a similar age. Child care services make things easy and allow kids to hang around and play around together in a structured, supervised, and safe environment. Children also learn how to

  • share
  • problem-solve
  • interact

with one another. Consequently, their minds grow every day.


3. Smoother transition to kindergarten


Research shows that parents who put their kids in daycare get an easy time sending their kids to school. As a child gets old, many appear interested in school life because they’re already familiar with most of the school’s regular schedules and activities. Also after going through daycare, many kids find it easier to fit and adjust to any formal schooling seamlessly.


4. Interaction with other adults


Most kids at a young age learn about adults mostly from their parents. Childcare services present an opportunity for children to engage with other adults and see them as mentors and authority figures for positive guidance. This way

  • kids get encouraged
  • develop a positive attitude
  • receive all the mutual support needed

from other adult care providers.


5. Social and economic benefits for parents


Dropping your kid at a daycare centre can seem difficult and overwhelming for some parents. Even if you’re sure the experience will benefit both you and your child, the thought of leaving your child behind with a group of strangers makes people really nervous.


Nevertheless, research from potential sources suggests that creating a small window to engage with other parents has immense long-term benefits for children. This gives parents more peace of mind and increased the level of trust when they leave their child’s care in the hands of other people. A parent also experiences less financial hardship and more financial freedom at the workplace because of the enhanced efficiency child care centres create. Besides, happy working parents and a happy child enrolled in a high-quality daycare sounds like a “win-win” for everyone!


Choosing the right childcare service to help unload most of your burden experienced from your busy work life is sometimes a tricky affair. You have to make this tough decision anyway to ensure both your work and home-life routines operate smoothly. Studies show that children aged between 6 months and 4 years benefit a lot from daycare services, as they present the opportunity to connect with peers and adults, improve their skills and more.


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