Plastic is the future of any industry.

Think about it. What industry doesn’t use plastic parts in their products or equipment? From toys to electronic devices, and from the automotive to the medical industry, all use well-designed plastic pieces that serve a particular purpose.

Growing industries demand more and more precise plastic parts. This is where a high-tech custom plastic molding comes in to save the day.

What is Plastic Injection Molding?

To put it simply, it’s a process of injecting liquefied plastic into a mold, let the plastic cool, and take the plastic off the mold to have a specific form of a plastic product.

That sounds really easy, right? But in everyday life, we see various, intricate plastic parts that require the use of advanced technology machinery to manufacture.

Typically, a modern  plastic injection molding machine has three main parts:
● The injection unit
● The plastic molding part
● The clamp

Each of this part plays an important role in creating a super fine and precise plastic piece to perfectly suit the demand of the industry.

Step by Step of Plastic Injection Molding

Here’s how a plastic product, no matter how big or small, is manufactured through the plastic injection molding process.

1. The Creation of a Mold

For a lot of cases, the mold needed to create a specific form exists already. However, some cases call for a custom plastic molding. An expert engineer uses metal to produce a customized mold according to the customer’s needs.

This plastic mold has to be extremely accurate in size and form for the end product to fit the entire unit. This is why this step is crucial for the success of the entire process.

2. The Injection of Plastic Pieces

The plastic that enters the plastic injection molding machine is not yet in liquid form:
● Solid plastic pellets
● Plastic pellets with colorant
● Or, pieces of plastic with recycled material

The plastic is introduced via a piece called “Hopper” into the injecting barrel of the machine, where it’s heated until liquefied.

It only takes a few seconds to melt the plastic as the barrel is wrapped with heating bands. Plus, the injecting screw that pushes the plastic through the barrel is specifically designed to melt the plastic more efficiently.

As the injection unit pushes the molten plastic into the mold, it creates a tight pressure to get a precise form and avoid air to come into the mold – hence, avoid air bubbles inside of the end product.

3. The Molding and Cooling Process

This is the heart of every plastic product manufacturing process.

It’s no different than pouring a cake into a mold, but in this case: it’s an airtight, high-tech plastic molding. A clamp presses the mold tightly while the heated plastic solidifies and takes the form of the mold.

The cooling process begins almost instantly. Typically, this process is done by running water inside the machine and around the exterior part of the mold itself.

4. The Removal of the Plastic Product

Once the plastic has been cooled, the machine breaks the vacuum to start removing the end product.

This part can be tricky because as the plastic gets cold, it can be stuck tightly to the mold. The machine has a set of ejector pins that push the product off the mold.

The process is then complete, all within a few short minutes, before restarting again.

The Main Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

This high-tech method is most commonly used in mass-produced plastic products today, and there’s a reason for it. The technique has several great advantages, and the list that follows is non-exhaustive:

● It has extreme precision

Accuracy is the norm when creating a plastic piece to fit a bigger, complicated unit. This method allows for extreme precision in the size and shape of the end product.

● It’s fast

As we now know, the entire process only takes minutes. Mass-manufacturing plastic products have never been faster.

● It has high flexibility

Almost every form, size, color, and functionality of plastic products can be produced with this method. As the technology advances, there’s no limit to what we can create using this technique.

● It’s cheap

The labor cost is very low, as the process uses highly versatile machinery from the beginning to end.

Plastic has revolutionized our way of life, and it will continue being a big part of it. Nowadays, plastic pieces are present in almost everything that we use every day.

This is why plastic injection molding service is highly needed in any industry. Our company, Pro-Fine Plastics, cater to a broad variety of industries: automotive, medical, home appliance, electronic, and more.

As a plastic molding company in Malaysia that has been around since 1995 and keeps growing, we value our customer’s satisfaction over anything else. That’s why the quality of our products is our top priority.

For more information, feel free to contact us. Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you in your plastic manufacturing needs.

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