Traveling to a foreign country is always an exciting experience. However, it can also be a nerve-wracking one if you are unsure of what to do or expect of the trip. A country like Japan is definitely no stranger to tourists and foreigners. Visiting the country is more than just buying a flight ticket and packing your bags. Well, what do you need to travel to Japan? Let us share with you some of the tips that let you get the most out of your trip.


1. Language

One of the universal tips of visiting any foreign country is to brush up a little bit on the local language. While we do not mean that you should take years of classes to speak just like a local, picking up a few classes to learn a few basic phrases can always be useful. While English speakers and translations are usually found in popular spots, learning some basic phrases can definitely help to enhance your experience. Simple phrases such as asking for directions will go a long way in giving you a smooth trip.


2. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Regardless if you are traveling on business or leisure purposes, internet connectivity always helps. Despite being one of the most technologically advanced countries, free accessible Wi-Fi may not always be available. This is why getting a pocket Wi-Fi dongle can help to make sure that you are always connected. Staying connected allows you to access useful online applications such as navigation and also basic online translation. Most airports and major transportation hubs will have designated booths where you can get these dongles upon arrival.


3. Cash

Being the country with the highest ratio of banknotes in circulation to the county’s economy, it is no wonder that cash is king in Japan. Most stores and restaurants there only accept cash and those accepting credit cards are far less. Before you travel to the country, make sure that you are well-prepared with a significant amount of cash. Other than that, be sure to check out any ATMs and banks in Japan that allow cash withdrawal with a foreign credit or debit card.


4. Culture

Japan has one of the most unique cultures in the world. Known for being extremely humble, courteous and on-time, you should always read up on some of the local cultures before visiting. This is especially important if you are staying with a host. You definitely do not want to offend them on your very first day. Getting useful travel magazines like Japan Walker can definitely teach you a thing or two about the local culture. Japan Walker magazines provide useful information such as interesting places, food, and information on what do you need to travel to Japan. Know what some of the common practices are and they will definitely welcome you even more for it.

5. Luggage

Regardless if you are travelling to Japan, Malaysia, Germany or any other country, having a reliable luggage bag is very important. You would want a bag that is durable yet lightweight. The last thing you want is to end up with a damaged luggage bag in a foreign country. There are plenty of types of luggage bags available for you. You just need to know what are the things that you need to bring, and choose the right size accordingly. 


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