The rainy season can get pretty tough in Malaysia. With heavy rain crashing down endlessly on your roof, it’s not impossible to get a few leaks here and there. Of course, at the first signs of a broken roof, you might find yourself running to the phone to get the best water leak specialist you can find. But did you know that leaks, drips, and stains on your ceiling aren’t the only tell-tale signs of an impending repair?

What many homeowners don’t realize is that there are other signs of possible roof damage that we often fail to notice. Of course, they’re not quite as glaring as leaks and drips. But if you can detect them, you can get your repairs done before your roof caves into further damage.

Discover 5 of the most commonly missed signs of roof damage and give yourself a head start so you can call the best waterproofing specialist Malaysia has before it’s too late.

4 Commonly Missed Roof Damage Signs


1. Neighbors are Getting Roof Repairs – Houses built at around the same time are subject to the same stormy onslaught. So if your neighbours have been around for as long as you’ve lived in the area, and you see them starting to avail of roofing repair services, it might be a time that you got one yourself.

The fact that your neighbours’ roofing has shown enough signs of damage that they’ve been pushed to get repairs should tell you that your roof is probably almost ripe for one as well. So if you’re not seeing any signs at the moment, it’s still wise that you call a specialist anyway to have a check.

2. Electricity Costs are Shooting Up – Maybe you’ve just been using your air conditioner more often, or maybe it’s your roof. Not a lot of people would suspect a roof to be the cause of an increased electricity bill, but it’s really not too far out of an idea.

A roof in poor shape affects your home’s ventilation system, causing more heat to penetrate and cool air to escape your space. This may cause you to feel warmer than usual, causing most homeowners to crank up their airconditioning systems to compensate. It’s also possible that your air conditioner might overwork itself in order to achieve optimal temperature.

3. Discolorations on the Roof– We often miss discoloration on our roofing because they look a lot like shadows cast by trees and other surrounding buildings. But take a closer look, and the constant discolored regions you might find are actually indications of algae growth.

Anything that grows on your roof eats away at the material and indicates a pooling of moisture where it can thrive. And where there’s moisture, there’s likely to be rot. Try standing outside your home and giving the viewable areas of your roof a sweep with your vision. If you find any discolored, darkened areas, damage may be close by.

4. Mouldy Odors in Your Home – If you’re smelling a strange, unpleasant scent wafting through your indoor space, it’s probably high time you called a waterproofing specialist. Odds are, there’s moisture locked up between your roof and ceiling, causing the development of

  • bacteria
  • mould
  • mildew

that won’t only damage your roof, but also cause health problems in your family.

Try to detect the source of the smell – at the beginning, it will usually be isolated to a specific part of your home. If you locate the source to be your bathroom, you may want to contact a plumbing specialist first. If not, contact a water leakage solution company. This should help you pinpoint exactly which point of the roof is damaged. But for more advanced cases, the odour can be widespread, affecting even your walls.

Roof damage isn’t always as obvious as we might think. So be sure to keep an eye out for these commonly overlooked signs of roofing problems. This way, you can stay on your feet and act fast to call the best roof specialist Malaysia has to offer.

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