What is Herbalife Weight Loss Programme?

If you need to lose weight fast, the Herbalife weight loss programme is just what you need as it guarantees you a healthier body, a better shape, a stronger physique and even improved skin complexion! As independent members of Herbalife Malaysia, we are here to help you lose weight, at the same time we offer Herbalife products in Malaysia in order to speed up the process.  We are one of the Herbalife distributors in Malaysia, and you can buy Herbalife products online from us.

Benefit of Herbalife Weight Loss Products

There are many benefits that you can gain from using Herbalife weight loss products, such as providing energy, aiding in digestion, building muscles, increasing metabolism on top of having great flavours.

Provides lasting energy

Weight loss does not mean starving or ignoring hunger, because that is bad for your body. By using Herbalife weight loss products, you are able to take less food for the right amount of energy that you need. Our products such as the Nutritional Meal Shake and the Blended Soy and Protein Powder are foods that provide you with the protein that you need, ensuring that the energy generated is sufficient to last you throughout the day. The meal shake works as a replacement for your meals whereas the protein powder can be mixed together with your meals, helping to maintain your energy level.

Even though protein can be obtained from foods like meat, nuts and dairy products, but these foods tend to have too much of fat that is not needed by your body, which may lead to you being overweight in time to come. However, Herbalife products are sure to provide you with only the right amount of protein that your body requires. Say goodbye to hunger in between meals, a more energetic you and a slimmer body!

Develops muscles

Herbalife weight loss products also assist you in developing muscles for a leaner and stronger physique. The proteins present in products like the meal shake and blended soy and protein powder contain 9 essential amino acids which are needed for maintaining lean muscle mass. If you participate in the Herbalife weight loss programme, the results would be even better, and you can achieve a healthier and fitter body in no time. Unlike other weight loss programmes which require dieting, the Herbalife weight loss programme ensures that you would not lose muscles, but only unwanted fat during the programme. Losing unwanted fat yet building muscles ensures that your body will be in good shape.

The whey content in the blended soy and protein powder is appropriate for bodybuilding as it is easily absorbed and digested by your body. The period right after a workout is the best time for your body to absorb proteins as the blood is still flowing quickly to the muscles and they are active in receiving nutrients. Therefore, adding protein powder to your drink right after a workout is essential for the growth of your muscles.

Aids in digestion

Herbalife weight loss products help in your digestion as well, especially our herbal aloe concentrate and flavoured tea mix. These products are definitely suitable for people with indigestion which is usually caused by factors such as drinking too much coffee, smoking and going through stress. A highly stressful lifestyle can actually cause a person to be overweight as the stress hormones activate hunger and fat storage. Our herbal aloe concentrate contains extract from aloe plants, which has 75 beneficial substances to help your body for a better digestion. At the same time, it aids in the burning of fat, thus helping you to lose weight. Its herbal properties such as chamomile function in a way that helps to soothe your digestive system and hormones, reduce stress and increase energy level for the sleep-deprived.

Herbalife Tea Mix comes in 2 flavours: Lemon Hibiscus and Peach. These tea mixes are low in calories, thus they can replace other unhealthy drinks such as coffee, soft drinks and other sugary beverages. Besides, these tea mixes contain properties of green tea such as antioxidants and thermogenics, which is an element that helps to break down body fat so that it is used as energy instead. In addition to that, the characteristics of lemon tea can also be found in our lemon and hibiscus tea mix, which is helpful in curing bloated stomachs.

Great flavour

Products that are meant for weight loss usually have a taste that is bland or even unappetizing, causing users to feel reluctant when consuming them. However, our products have great flavours which make the product not only healthy, yet yummy when consumed. Such products with rich flavours are the Herbalife tea mix and Formula 1 Nutritional Meal Shake, which come in 2 and 5 flavours respectively.

The 2 flavours for the tea mix are lemon hibiscus and peach, and they both have a citrusy flavour to them. The tea mix contains properties of green tea, which helps in controlling hunger. These teas can be drunk in between meals, and you can drink them either hot or cold, providing you with more options for something so nutritious. The Herbalife tea mix is ideal for weight management because it helps to curb hunger while keeping you refreshed and energetic throughout the day.

The Formula 1 Nutritional Meal Shake by Herbalife has flavours like French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Cappuccino, Strawberry and Tropical Fruit, which are all pretty delicious. These meal shakes are tasty, and they supply you with all the nutrients that you can obtain from a proper meal, which is like killing two birds with one stone. What’s more, you can even satisfy your taste buds while losing weight! It’s perfect especially when you are going through a weight loss programme.

Increase metabolism

Herbalife weight loss products increase metabolism as well due to the energy required to break down the large amount of protein in the products. When you take protein, your body uses more energy to digest the protein compared to digesting carbohydrates and fats. Of course, a combination of meal shakes, protein powder and exercise would produce better results as your body builds up muscles through strength training.

Other weight loss diets will cause you to lose muscles, which may result in the slowing down of your metabolic rate. However, the Herbalife weight loss programme will ensure that you obtain the right amount of protein through our products and regular training so as to prevent muscle loss and slow metabolism. Consuming Herbalife meal shakes or protein powder everyday helps in the maintenance of your muscles while allowing you to lose more fat. By taking the Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin and Minerals as a supplement to complement your meal shake and protein powder, the best results can be achieved in a short amount of time. Say hello to a healthier, slimmer and stronger you!

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