In this digitally-driven world that we live in, it seems like almost anything is made possible online. Online shopping, distance learning, online library and online dating are some of the many things people can do nowadays with technology. Virtual offices have been made possible too, so now you can work without a physical office space. Saving time and cost while eliminating fixed office hours, find out why the virtual office by Kuala Lumpur Entrepreneur Experience (KLEX) in Empire Subang is the best in the area.

Virtual office services

A virtual office comes with a lot of advantages, including flexible working hours, increase in productivity, costs saved on office rent & furniture, unlimited space for employees, needless for commute and so much more. However, without a physical office, what happens to receiving calls and parcel delivery to one physical office address?
When you opt for our virtual office rental service, KLEX offers an office address in Empire Tower, a strategic location in Subang Jaya. Even without an actual office, you’ll be able to do a lot with the KLEX’s office address. Let’s begin with KLEX’s virtual receptionist service. If you need someone to pick up those important phone calls when you’re in the midst of something, or when you’re away, KLEX has got you covered with our professional receptionists who are based in Malaysia. Calls will be answered according to your instructions for a standardised response.
Got a parcel? Our receptionists will be taking them in for you, and then forwarded to your preferred location. You can also choose to come and pick them up when you’re free. The reception at Empire Tower will become your dedicated mail centre for important mails and packages.

Physical space

We’re not only a virtual office provider, because we offer physical space such as meeting rooms, private office suites, serviced office and also event spaces. Meeting room rentals in Malaysia are possible when you register with KLEX. This is because we understand that even with a virtual office, there will be times when meetings are required as some matters are better discussed face-to-face. The closed, air-conditioned meeting room is ideal for business meetings, team meetings and off-site meetings with customised seating arrangements. KLEX provides an optimum event space in a lively area of Subang Jaya as well. Whether it’s a corporate event, conference or workshop, this will be the perfect place for it. The clean space and comfortable ambience makes it an ideal spot to conduct various events.
Additionally, you can find serviced office rentals in Malaysia that’s provided by KLEX. Private office suites offered at KLEX functions as temporary offices albeit at a much lower cost. Named the American Suite, Australasia Suite and the Europa Suite, these private office suites each have a different number of desks and seats, ranging from a capacity of 4 to 6 people. A simple setting covers the basic necessities like desk, seat and personal cupboard. White walls and white furniture makes it easier to concentrate on your work, with glass windows that allow you to relax your sight a little during short breaks.


The KLEX office at Empire Tower is a great location for all your business office solutions. Below the Empire Tower is the Empire Shopping Gallery, a mall that’s filled with popular restaurants, services and retail outlets catered to the needs of residents nearby. If you have guests from abroad, they can also stay at the Empire Hotel that’s located in the mall itself. At the opposite side of Empire Shopping Gallery, there is an older mall called Subang Parade, with similar outlets and amenities that are frequented by locals at the area.
A student-populated area, called SS15, is about a 15-minute walk from Empire Tower. It encompasses a wide variety of food, entertainment and service outlets in its vicinity. Furthermore, the KLEX is also close to clinics and renowned medical centres such as Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care and Sunway Medical Centre. Commuter and LRT stations are located about a 5-minute walk from Empire Tower, so it’s easy to get around Selangor and to Kuala Lumpur. However, other options such as buses, taxis or even Grab cars can be quite convenient, especially in the happening area surrounding Empire Tower.


A cheap virtual office space is no longer hard to find. KLEX does it right by offering a full range of virtual office-related services at a very affordable price. We adjust our prices to meet the needs of most start-up companies which may have a small capital. So, you’ll get to enjoy many benefits of a real office with a fee that’s so much lesser.
For our virtual office plan, it comes in 2 packages, one with phone call services and one without. The phone call package includes a dedicated phone number, call-answering, call-screening, call transfer and voicemail services. Both include meeting room usage: 1 hour for the non-call package and 8 hours for the call package. The plan comes in a 3-month, 6-month, 12-month, 24-month and 36-month basis, with prices from RM75 – RM999 (non-call) and from RM600 – RM3,999 (call-inclusive). Meeting and event facilities such as theatres, classrooms and boardrooms are also offered at reasonable prices if you need them. These are calculated by hours, and they differ according to the period.
The price for private office suites starts from RM1,200 to RM2,000 per month, depending on the size of the suite. The package includes the use of KLEX’s office as your business address, receiving mails and parcels, SMS or email notification, call handling and a 10-hour usage of the meeting room.


Space is not the only thing KLEX offers to all our clients. When you use our meeting rooms or private office suites, there are several facilities that we have prepared for your convenience. These facilities also provide a better experience of the real office environment.
Free and secured Wi-Fi comes with all packages in order to fulfil your business needs. If you require presentation tools like flipcharts, whiteboards, markers and projectors, KLEX has got them ready for you at our meeting rooms. Need to photocopy and print documents? You will be given access to the printing machines, with a low additional charge.
If you would like to provide more to your staff, we can offer refreshments such as free-flow coffee and tea for the duration of your office suite rental. Besides, if you’re having a meeting, food catering is made possible with KLEX. Be it lunch, tea or light refreshments, we can always arrange it for you. This way, it’ll be saving you a lot of time while bringing convenience to your guests. At KLEX, we want to ensure that our clients are getting the best out of their virtual office experience.

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