Introduction to Racking System

Many companies have enjoyed the rapid expansion and growth in business, definitely there is a need to have adequate storage capacity for mass production. Running out of storage space is one of the common occurrences and this can eventually lead to a serious problem for all the operators. However, expanding storage place could be a very costly option and time consuming as there is a possibility to slow down the business operation. So, racking systems are one of the brilliant inventions to help increase the storage capacity in order to accommodate high volume manufacturing processes as well as achieve smooth business operations.

Racking System Categories

There are 5 types of top racking systems that help to keep your stock in the most organized manner.

Boltless rack

Due to its boltless system, boltless rack could be installed, dismantled easily and the panels could be rearranged for future needs. Although it is a no-bolt system, the joint brackets interlock with the uprights, ensuring rigidity and strength of the rack structure. As such, it could withstand large and high density loads. Depending on the storage needs and user preferences, the rack materials could be either plywood, steel, HDF board or MDF board. Boltless rack is one of the most cost effective products to organizing and storing your products efficiently. Effective storing system allows operators to be more productive as they could spend as little time as possible in searching particular products.

Steel rack

Wondering which types of  rack systems are long lasting and work the best for you? Steel rack is always your best choice as most of them are protected with powder coating which effectively prevents them from corrosion and rust. They are highly resistant to chemical substances, water and scratches, so they are best fit to all types of industries. Steel rack is one of the best options in storing items regardless of their weights and sizes because it is durable and sturdy enough to keep heavy loads safely. Besides, steel rack is specially designed to fully utilize both horizontal and vertical spaces which maximizing storage capacity to keep more goods. By storing items on steel rack, goods are no longer being stacked on floor that might cause many obstructions in the passageways. As such, it helps to produce convenient and systematic operation. Most importantly, steel rack is available in affordable price and it could be used for numerous proposes.

Longspan shelving

Longspan shelving is widely used for hand loaded storage of large and heavy goods. It was made up by few parts like frames and beams where a decking could be placed to store various kinds of items. The decking panels could be made from metal, steel, chipboard or plywood. Steel decking panels are more durable and require minimal maintenance compared to other materials. However, chipboard is the most widely used material in the marketplace. Longspan shelving is fast and easy to assemble without having to use any specialized tools or equipments. Longspan shelving would be your best option if you are looking for a rack system that could fit in any storage space, this is because it comes in vast range of sizes and it could be customized according to users’ special requests and their storage needs. Due to its functionality, it is one of the most sought-after racking systems in industries, warehouses and factories.

Mezzanine rack

Mezzanine rack system or also known as raised storage platform helps to expand storage capacity and makes it easier for all the operators to manage the flow of entire production. It is possible to make full use of existing space within tall warehouses, as you will have more room to keep your goods organized. Mezzanine rack could be installed from one to multiple storage levels and always meet all your storage needs without having to renovate the entire warehouse or factory. Mezzanine racks are usually structural, rack supported or shelf supported, therefore they are able to support high density storage as well as heavy machinery. Technically, this structure is free standing, so it could be installed, dismantled and modified easily to meet the evolving needs. Mezzanine rack system is best suited for large industries and it makes the areas look more spacious and well ordered.

Pallet racking

Pallet racking is one of the most popular storage aid systems in organizing your stocks and maximizing the storage space, where goods could be stored on pallets or skids. They are designed to support high density items and also withstand great impact from machinery like lift truck and forklift during loading or unloading process. There are a wide variety of pallet racking systems in different sizes, shapes and configurations. So, you have to ensure that you purchase the right pallet racking system from reliable pallet racking suppliers.

Types of Pallet Racking System

There are various types of pallet racking systems such as selective, cantilever, drive-in, drive-through and many more.

Selective pallet racking

It allows direct access to every pallet without relocating another pallet. It is high in flexibility and selectivity. Thus, it is suitable for manufacturing industries, warehouses, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and many more.

Cantilever racking

An ideal storing system for long and large construction products such as steel pipes, heavy wires, wooden planks, etc. It could be single or double-sided and the Cantilever arms could be modified to hold both light and heavy loads. Alteration and adjustment could be made in future, depends on the industry needs.

Drive-in pallet racking

It allows forklift to drive into each rack for loading or unloading processes, forming First-In Last-Out (FILO) inventory retrieval system. It fully utilized the storage space as additional aisles or passages are not required for moving forklift. Drive-in-pallet racking is the perfect choice for foods and beverages industries, also suitable for companies where they stock large quantities of similar products.

Drive-thru pallet racking

It operates on the basis of First-In Fist-Out (FIFO), where forklifts could enter directly from both sides to load or unload goods. Drive-thru pallet racking effectively separate the goods according to their production dates and make it easier for workers to access.

Benefit of Racking System

With all of these racking systems, safe working environment for all the employees could be assured. Also, work efficiency and productivity would increase since all the goods could be organized neatly and make searching and retrieving process easier. Racking system helps to produce a neat environment, especially in retail stores where all the products could be organized accordingly and made it easier for customer to search. Hence, majority of the companies and factory owners are increasingly opting for racking systems instead of renovating the warehouses. Indeed, purchasing them from reputable racking system manufacturer is always the ideal solution. In conclusion, knowing the features of each rack system is important as you will have a guideline to choose the right racking system that best suits your needs: better organize your stock and maximize the storage space.

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