Body pain is very common nowadays and it can be a terrifying experience. The most common types are shoulder pain, knee pain and neck pain. All of them are considered as medical condition that needs immediate treatment, but unfortunately, most people tend to ignore the pain. Majority of people have the kind of mindset that body ache often heals on its own and they just learn to live with it. However, untreated body pain might lead to serious complications. Here are some tips that will help you recover from shoulder, knee and neck pain.

Shoulder pain

Healthy shoulders allow us to do a wide range of movements like lifting, carrying, writing and many more. Such flexibility makes the shoulders very susceptible to pain and injury, even you are doing exercise, playing games or you are just doing house chores. The most common cause of shoulder pain is injury to the soft tissues including tendons and muscles. Here are the 3 tips to relieve shoulder pain. Rest your shoulder is the first thing to do when you suffered from shoulder pain. Limit vigorous movement and avoid heavy lifting as all this will further strain your shoulder muscle. Next, ice treatment will give you an immediate effect. When you accidentally hurt your shoulder, you can gently apply the ice pack to the affected area in order to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The cold temperature will numb your cells sensation, so will give you a sense of relieve and make you feel more comfortable. Other than ice pack, you can dampen a towel with cold water and cover it on the affected part. However, never place the ice directly on your skin because it can cause frostbite. Over-the-counter painkiller will be another alternative to cure shoulder pain. Paracetamol and codeine are effective for mild pain whereas non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) can be used to treat severe shoulder pain. Don’t worry if you are uncertain which to take or how to use, the pharmacist may give advice and guidance. Therefore, these 3 shoulder pain treatments help to relieve the pain, but always remember to consult a doctor if your shoulder pain persist even you have undergone these 3 treatments.

Knee pain

Next, knee pain is very torturing for most people as all of us need our knees to make every move in our lives such as walk, run, jump as well as squat. Excess body mass will give extra burden on the knee joint, hastening its wear and tear. Therefore, overweight will exert extra pressure on your joints and sooner or later it will lead to knee pain. So, you should always maintain a healthy weight through regular exercise and healthy diet. Exercises like swimming, cycling and walking can enhance and strengthen the flexibility of the muscles that support your knee. Most important thing is to keep a balance between exercises and rest without overstress your knee. Besides, hot compress can also help to treat knee pain. It can be in the form of heat pad, hot towel or heat lamp. Heat treatment is considered safe and effective for most aches as it can dilate blood vessels and carry more blood to the affected area in order to stimulate healing. However, it is best to apply such knee pain treatment after 48 hours of the injury occurring. Apart from that, chiropractic treatment is also very effective for knee pain. This treatment involved some gentle or directed adjustments for your knee and it can be classified into few stages. The first stage is aim to reduce pain as well as joint inflammation. So, ice compress and message are normally used to reduce inflammation and help to release muscle spasm. Laser, ultrasound and interferential therapy can be included in this stage for soft tissue healing. Next stage will be normalizing joint function by applying chiropractic manipulation and mobilization techniques to enhance the knee’s mobility. Then rehabilitation, like exercise, is the final stage for chiropractic treatment to restore optimal movement and function of your knee and prevent the pain from progressing. However, chiropractic treatment for knee pain varies depending on patient’s specific condition.

Neck pain

In recent years, many people experience neck pain which usually caused by poor posture and daily working habits such as long hours staring at the computer. Crouching your neck for a long time will exert certain pressure on your neck and eventually lead to acute neck pain. Neck pain will definitely restrict your body to move freely and you will find it very difficult to carry out your daily activities. So is time for you to change your daily habits as the key to recover from neck pain is maintaining the correct posture. For example, you can adjust the monitor at eye level and sit up straight to keep your neck in a neutral position. Also, you can buy a neck-supporting chair to ensure your cervical spine rest in a right and relaxed position. Besides, increase magnesium intake in your diet can help to keep neck pain under control. This is because magnesium is known to reduce muscle tension. This type of mineral helps to relax your muscle and speed up muscle recovery. Magnesium can be easily found in fruits, vegetables or soy products. Chiropractic treatment is another option for neck pain. Chiropractor will apply several common chiropractic techniques to reduce the pain, for instance, spinal manipulation and manual therapy. These techniques are gentle and involved minimal neck rotation instead of a rapid rotation. They are really effective to put an end to your neck pain. Therefore, a visit to a chiropractor can help to diagnose your condition through several tests and a series of neck pain treatment will be customized based on your neck’s condition.

To conclude, shoulder, knee and neck pain are very bothersome and should not be neglected as untreated pain may lead to chronic pain and greatly disrupt your day-to-day life. No one knows your body better than you do. Hence, it is always best to get immediate treatment or consult a doctor if you suffer from body pain.

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