Flip the calendar back 10 or 20 years, only wealthy families hired maids to establish their superiority as well as social status. But in today’s world, maids have become part and parcel of most families due to the hectic work-life. After a long tiring day at work and meetings, you definitely don’t have time and energy for daily household chores. So, the presence of maid not only helps to ease your workload at home but also allows you to spend more quality time with your family members.
How does a maid help?

1. Domestic chores

Domestic chores like cooking, laundry and cleaning are very daunting but necessary to make your home organized and keep your everyday life in order. If you are struggling to get your domestic chores done, why not consider hiring residential house keeping, Filipino maid or domestic helper through Magnum Maid Agency Singapore. Being the professional maid agency service in Singapore, Magnum will provide a comprehensive training programme that prepares their maids to look after specific tasks including house cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, among many others.

• House cleaning

Cleaning an entire house has never been easier with maids. There is nothing more pleasing than having a clean and comfortable living environment. Maids can help homeowners to handle a multitude of cleaning tasks like sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, toilet cleaning and many more. They help to keep your house clean and tidy on a more regular basis, rather than spending your precious weekend to catch up with the housework. By having maid, homeowners do not have to worry about a thing. However, if hiring maids can cause additional financial burden, you can opt for residential house keeping. The best part is that residential house keeping can be either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or occasionally. Meaning that, you can have this type of service whenever you like, without draining your wallet. Also, the professional cleaners will bring the cleaning supplies and equipment along, thereby saving you a significant amount of money on cleaning tools and equipment.

• Grocery shopping

Other than house cleaning, maids can also handle light errands like grocery shopping. Be it wet market, grocery, supermarket or mart, well-trained maids from Magnum Maid Agency Singapore help to stock up your daily supplies or buy certain cooking ingredients that have stated on the grocery list. As such, this greatly simplifies working parents’ daily responsibilities as well as minimizes their household duties.

• Preparing meals

Preparing meals are definitely a catastrophe for all working moms. Just imagine for a moment, how busy they are if they need to prepare breakfast for their kids before heading to work and they need to cook dinner in hurry even after work. So, with a maid in the house will definitely help to reduce the burden of working moms, enabling them to focus on work and put their mind at ease. Simply put, after a full day’s work, working couples as well as their family members can enjoy healthy home cooked foods, without worrying about having to prepare, cook and clean. All they need to do is plan the menu and the maid will prepare the meals accordingly. If you are in search of a professional maid service in Singapore, then look no further than Magnum Maid.

2. Taking care of the elderly

Hiring domestic helper or maid can be a great solution for both couples who hold full-time jobs. Since they have devoted the majority of their time in the workforce, they are less available to provide full-time care support for their aging parents who may need a great amount of attention, nursing or medical care. If nobody at home to take care of them, slip and fall accidents might happen due to moving difficulties or fainting. In such circumstances, working couples can employ a domestic helper or maid for elderly care.
Professional maids can provide frail elderly the appropriate care, even for the most routine aspects of daily life like eating, getting dressed, bathing and others. Apart from giving physical assistance, maids can also accompany the old folks at all times, keeping their feeling of loneliness and depression at bay.

3. Looking after kids

Sending children to a nursery during work seems like a great option, but at the end of the day, working parents will encounter some unexpected problems. For instance, in order to avoid traffic congestions, working parents have no choice but to send their children to the daycare centre early in the morning. And, after work, they rush to fetch their children at the scheduled pick up time, but always got stranded in heavy traffics. Without a doubt, having a maid would be the best option for working parents, especially those who work irregular hours. With a stay-in maid, children can back home after school where parents don’t have to always rush from one place to another, thereby saving time as well as fuel.
Moreover, working couples can rely on maid if there is any emergency situation like an important business trip, working overtime and sick child. In addition, most of the daycare centres only operate on weekdays; therefore, the maids’ presence at home enables parents to go out for running errands or visiting friends on weekends. All in all, having a maid at home, parents can breathe a sigh of relief during both weekdays and weekends.

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