A security system is important for every home. Keeping your family and your property safe from theft and possible injuries is one of the most important things in life.
There is a wide range of security systems in Malaysia that can protect your home from burglary. Security systems like the auto gate, door security system, alarm and card access system are commonly used in Malaysia. Saxco Marketing Sdn Bhd offers all of these to wholesalers and dealers around Malaysia who are involved in the related field.
Once you have made an order, we will deliver the items to you after your payment has been made. It’s simple and easy, as we are going towards a digital era where almost everything can be done with the help of the internet.
In this post, we shall be describing the functions and uses of the most popular security systems in Malaysia. We make it easier for you to decide which one is the best for your home.

Auto Gate System

Auto gate systems are very common in Malaysian homes. It gives your house the extra security that you need at the front of your house or office building.

How it works

: An auto gate is opened and closed using a remote control device, or even from a button indoors that is connected by wires to the gate. If you use a mechanical gate operator, the gate will be opened using power from the mains; if you use a hydraulic gate operator, its motion would be powered by hydraulic fluids. The remote control device acts as a transmitter that sends out codes or signals when the button is pressed. If the frequency of the signal matches the one on your auto gate, it will then open or close accordingly.



Made to withstand all kinds of weather, a sliding, swing or barrier gate can be used whether it rains or shines.


An auto gate is convenient because you don’t have to get down from your car when you arrive or leave home. The hassle to open the gate, move your vehicle, and close it again will be gone once and for all with an auto gate.

Increase property value

A property with an auto gate can be sold at a higher price than one without. It increases the overall appeal and it leaves a good first impression to its buyers. The increased security may also help with a better insurance cost.

Door Security System

A door security system is another safety precaution for your home as it becomes an obstacle if burglars were to enter your home. Burglary happens around the world, even in Malaysia. Therefore, it is important to protect your home with a door security system.

How it works

: The door security system can be unlocked either by entering a code or by scanning physical attributes of your body. For passcode-operated systems, a small electrical current is triggered when the right code is entered. The current will then unlock the bolt. On the other hand, a biometric security system will analyse your facial features or fingerprint and translate it into a specific code or graph. The system compares the code to the one that’s saved in the system, and decides whether to grant access or not.



Rather than the traditional deadbolt lock that has existed for a long time, a door security system is safer for current times. Only you and your family members know the access code, keeping your home safe from outsiders. The security is better with a biometric system because only you have the unique features that permit your entry into the house.


You don’t have to bring keys and you’ll never have to lose them to thieves that want to gain entry to your home. Besides, when you have a handful of groceries, placing your thumb and face at the scanner is easier than unlocking the door with a key.

Children’s safety

When children come home from school, parents no longer have to worry about them not having a key to enter the house. A 4-digit or 6-digit code is all they need to remember.

Alarm System

Landed properties in Malaysia usually have alarm systems. They are important because there is a high risk of burglary in landed properties.

How it works

: There are a few types of alarm system which can help to safeguard your home. Glass break detectors can either detect vibration or the sound of breaking glass; door and window contacts are like switches that detect the separation of magnets on the door frame and the door respectively. When the system is turned on, a separation in the two magnets will trigger the alarm. The sound will alert the resident and neighbouring houses that can prevent theft.


Prevent theft

In many cases, alarm systems installed in your house can prevent burglars from entering your home. A house without an alarm has a higher chance of intrusion most of the time. Therefore, don’t forget to show that you have an alarm system as a warning sign.

Peace of mind

Even when you sleep, you will be at peace knowing that you’re protected. When an opening is detected, the alarm warns you about intrusions. You are then more prepared to fight back in case of a combat.

Savings on home insurance

An alarm system reduces your home insurance premium too. Homes with an alarm system are less likely to be intruded, thus insurance companies see this as a guarantee against burglary. The lower the risk of home burglary, the less home insurance premium you pay.

Card Access System

Card access systems are essential for high-rise buildings in Malaysia because they act as barriers that determine the entry of residents or intruders.

How it works

: The barcode-like stripes on the card are magstripes that contain magnetic particles. The encoder is able to detect a magnetic field created by flux reversals on the magstripes when it reacts with the current from the solenoid. This generates information which can be read by the card reader. You can swipe, insert or hold a card in front of a reader to gain access depending on the type of card reader.



People with the right access card can enter the building and people without it are permitted. A unique card prevents outsiders from entering the building to commit crimes.

Keep track of records

A card access system records the date and time of entry and exit of a person. With an access card system, procedures become more transparent. In the case of any mishaps, the records are very good evidence for all types of cases.

Reduce costs

Even if you lose your card, it can be replaced easily. The lost or stolen card shall be deactivated, and a new card with a unique code will be given to you. On the contrary, losing keys will be such a trouble as you need to change the bolt and locks on your doors, causing you to spend more on these items.

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