The Ultimate Printing Services That Help To Improve Your Business

Looking for ways to improve your business? Printing services are always a good option because of its low-risk investment and lower cost compared to other forms of advertising. Art & Creative Media is a one-stop digital printing company in Malaysia that can offer you the ultimate printing services that can help to improve your business.

Newspaper insertion

We obtain the latest happenings in the world by reading the newspaper, a habit that has been incorporated in a lot of people for many years. In fact, flipping through the pages of a newspaper has become a daily routine for many people. Even though we are in a digital age where everything is electronic, the newspaper market is still a big one in the country, with more than 3 million readers for the second half of year 2016 according to a report by the Audit Bureau of Circulations Malaysia.

Therefore, newspaper insertion is still a good way to promote and market your brand to millions of potential clients in the nation. We can insert your flyers and leaflets into the newspapers which will then be distributed to different states depending on the locations of your target market.

Few newspaper brands include:
● Berita Harian
● Guang Ming Daily
● The Star
● New Straits Times
● Nan Yang Siang Pau

Art & Creative Media offers designing and printing services of flyers and leaflets too, which are guaranteed to attract your audience’s attention when they flip through the pages of the newspaper. When you become our client, we will manage the flyers from the design stage to its distribution so as to save you the trouble of finding designers and distributors for your advertising purposes.

Sticker printing

Art & Creative Media offers sticker printing in KL for our clients as well. Stickers are simple, yet they make beautiful decorations for all kinds of spaces.

We have a wide array of sticker designs for clients to choose from if they want to beautify their offices. Objects like trees and birds are popular wall stickers in Malaysia that we often provide to our clients. The simple design of trees and birds match well with different office interiors, adding a hint of creativity to the office.

If you would like to create your one-and-only sticker, Art & Creative Media has in-house designers to help you develop stickers for your own office. Our professional designers will be able to advise you on the colour and size of your sticker in order to get the perfect sticker for specific spaces in the office. This way, you’ll be able to customise the sticker according to your liking and position it at a place that you wish.

A number of our clients choose to make stickers that are actually quotes, such as “Nothing worth having comes easy”, which acts as a reminder to the company staff in terms of proper work attitude.

Company values are also quite common among clients who would like to decorate their office interior where we’ll print some wordings to affix them to office walls.

Wordings that can be printed include:
● Integrity
● Teamwork
● Honesty

Besides, we can even print stickers that highlight good work ethics, such as “work hard, stay humble”, which act as a motivation for company staff.

Wall stickers are ideal for creative industries like:
● Magazine companies
● Advertising agencies
● Fashion apparel companies

That way, your office will look aesthetically pleasing to your clients, leaving a good impression and corporate image for your company.

Benefits of using our wall stickers include:
● They do not contain toxic chemicals that pose a risk to your health
Therefore, you can rest assured that these stickers would not harm your health.

● They can be removed anytime because it will not damage your wall.

If you feel like a change of stickers is needed to improve or revamp your office interior, Art & Creative Media would gladly replace them for you.

Poster printing

Poster printing in KL is a common service as many corporations use posters to promote their business. As your one-stop digital printing agency, Art & Creative Media is experienced in digital printing posters for all your business needs.

Posters are effective marketing and promotion tools for your business. For your brand to stand out, you have to make sure that your poster design is vivid, sharp and interesting enough to catch your audience’s attention. Our team of designers always welcome clients from different industries to come in for a discussion in regards to the design of your poster.

Our goals include:
● Create an eye-catching poster
● Place it at a targeted area
● Achieve a high ROI for your business

In the design stage, we consider the location and the audience of the posters. The right placement of posters is an important factor to obtain noticeable results for your campaign.

Popular spots to put your posters because of the large crowds and potential market:
● Bus stops
● LRT stations
● MRT stations

These are also ideal locations for the posters to act as a constant reminder of your brand to your audience. Posters have the ability to bring your audience to action, therefore details like the website or contact number needs to be clear and easy to read to provide the best results for your advertising campaign.

Bunting printing

In Malaysia, buntings are seen in a lot of places be it urban or suburban areas. Do you want to improve your business by using buntings? Art & Creative Media provides bunting printing in KL alongside a variety of digital printing services that can help you in your business.

Buntings are useful tools for marketing purposes and also to incorporate your brand into your audience’s mindset. One of the uses of buntings is for trade shows and events when there is a need to inform people about your brand and corporation. In busy and crowded locations like trade shows and exhibitions, a big, bold and representative bunting is ideal to ensure that people can identify our company so that you stand out from your competitors.

Buntings are suitable for outdoor use too because it is:
● Waterproof
● Reusable
● Affordable

It does not tear nor get damaged easily. By hanging buntings at places that are obvious, they will be able to catch people’s attention. Additionally, if buntings are placed in a neighbourhood, they act as a reminder to the residents, which may bring them to a call-to-action when they are convinced by offerings portrayed on the buntings. Of course, you will obtain better results when you place the buntings at high-traffic areas.

If you are looking for bunting printing in KL, feel free to contact us as we can help you in every stage of the bunting development until it is completed.

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