Why Confinement Is Important After Delivery?

For many, having a newborn baby is an exciting experience especially for first-time parents. However, it can also be nerve-wracking as the inexperienced may not know what to do. The postpartum period is usually defined as the 4-6 weeks after delivery and it is a crucial period of recovery for the mother as well as for the baby to adapt to life. In Chinese communities, the postpartum period is colloquially known as “zuo yue zi” which literally means “sitting the month”. During this “month”, the mother goes through a confinement period which helps her to recover from the effects of pregnancy and giving birth.

A Month of Recovery

When a child is born, most people will celebrate and welcome the new family member. As newborn babies are weak and vulnerable, extra care is put into taking care of the baby. While child birth is usually a celebratory occasion, some may over-prioritize the baby and in hindsight neglected the mother. In Chinese postpartum care, emphasis is put on both the baby and the mother. The confinement period ensures that the mother is relieved of most duties and is given rest and nourishment.

By eating nourishing food and ample rest, the mother is given an opportunity to recover from the physical and mental fatigue during the postpartum period. Traditionally, elder females of the family or a hired postpartum lady will care for you. Nowadays, confinement care services are getting popular in Malaysia. The newly-anointed mother will stay in the postpartum care centre throughout the confinement period as she goes through recovery.

Physical Care

As pregnancy and childbirth brings along with it numerous physical changes, the body struggles to bring itself back to shape. During this period, the mother will have to deal with the changes in body shape, breastfeeding and even hair loss. For mothers who underwent caesarean surgery, extra care is taken to make sure that the stitches are cared for as well. During this period, the body is given nourishment to recover back from the strains of childbirth.

Protein rich food is often given to replenish the body and help to rebuild body tissue. This is especially important for mothers experiencing lochial discharge as the body is actively trying to rebuild itself. Herbal remedies and tonics are also given in the form of herbal soups and drinks. These will help revitalize the mother’s body and alleviate fatigue. Besides nourishing food and herbal remedies, postpartum care in Malaysia also relieve mothers from carrying out physical duties. This aids in recovery as the mother slowly regains strength through ample rest. Light walks can help the body to loosen up and promote rejuvenation.

Mental Care

While the term “postnatal depression” is not a new one, it is one of the most overlooked aspects in the postpartum period. While physical condition and body shapes are easily observable, many of us overlook the fact that the mother undergoes a lot of mental strains as well. The birth of a child brings with it a lot of challenges and this can be very taxing on the mind as well as the body. Anxiety, self-doubt, depression and emotional fluctuation are some of the symptoms faced by postnatal mothers. These could be caused by induced hormonal changes or psychological strains.

It is crucial that mothers get an opportunity for them to slowly adapt to postnatal life while having the chance to rest. By allowing mothers to rest and focus on themselves and the baby, postnatal confinement gives an opportunity for physical and mental recovery.

Get External Help

While child birth is a special occasion worthy of celebration, it does come with its own set of challenges. For the inexperienced, the postpartum period can be one of the most taxing times. Parents have to cope with adapting and taking care of the child and sometimes external help could be the solution you need. Luckily for many new parents, postpartum care in Malaysia is now made easier with the establishment of modern confinement care services. These centers offer a month-long “vacation” in which the mother will stay on premises. While in these centers, both the mother and baby will be taken care of by staff members that are experienced in postnatal care. This includes coming up with the proper diet for nourishment and letting mothers rest throughout the month.

Esther Postpartum Care is the best confinement centre in KL as they offer an inclusive care service for mothers and babies. Our services are catered to postnatal needs of the mother and the baby. Besides regular doctor visits, we have around the clock in-house staff that will assist mothers throughout the day while making sure that they are recovering properly. Our dieticians and traditional medicinal practitioners design menus that are healthy and nourishing. To make sure that mothers are not bored throughout the confinement period, we even offer activities such as yoga classes to keep you occupied. Our experienced nurses will also share with you proper knowledge on motherhood.

Rest and Recover

Motherhood can be a magical and challenging thing at the same time. The most important thing is to make sure that mothers are given ample time to rest and recover. Confinement centres in Malaysia are getting popular as they are a worry-free solution for postnatal care. Esther Postpartum Care’s confinement care services will give mothers a luxury treatment to relax and recover during the postpartum period. With experienced staff and all-day monitoring, both mothers and babies are given proper care.

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