All building structures have their own sets of limitations caused by many different reasons such as a change in temperature. Building materials usually expand in hot weather and contract when it is cold, causing defects to the building structure. An expansion joint can be used in this situation to ingest the expansion and contraction of the construction material.

The traditional system has given way to rubber-based and thermoplastic-tape-based systems, which are simply applied on the joints with an adhesive. The systems are UV resistant, highly-elastic and can withstand extreme movements of the joint.

Expansion joints must be waterproofed to enhance its durability, elasticity, stability and UV resistance. A joint waterproofing must allow movement of the structure without causing damage to the construction itself. Expansion joints up to a width of 35mm can be waterproofed with Joint Sealant. For wider joints such as expansion and dilation joint, Joint Tapes are used.

Expansion joint system can be found in many types of buildings such as :

1. Shopping Malls

Shopping centre guests and clients ought not to be bothered by ordinary structural details. A wide assortment of hues is accessible in the market, with different fabrication materials like stainless steel and aluminium. These are sturdy, top-notch materials that can be effortlessly consolidated into any building concept.

2. Different Floor Parking Areas and Parking Ramps

Joints are watertight and impervious to critical synthetic defilement from de-icing salt, petroleum, and oil. They are additionally ready to withstand a wide range of climate.

3. Hospitals, Laboratories, and Food Factories

As cleanliness is a key component in such buildings, innovative expansion joint structures permit their simple and exhaustive cleaning which is critical.

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