It is a dream for many travellers to be able to fly in business class, especially if it’s done without breaking your wallet. It is no easy task of scoring a cheap or affordable business class air ticket as fares can often run to thousands of Malaysian Ringgit, dollars, euros or pounds even. And normally, these premium cabins are preserved for corporate travellers and individuals with a monthly five digit salary.


Before we delve into how you can score business class flight or travel deals and book cheaper business class air tickets, here is what you need to know about business class flights. For these premium flights, it offers more legroom so less crowding and a more comfortable journey. And of course the perks of unlimited alcoholic beverages, earlier boarding times, and a more spacious seat unlike the economy class seating.


Although a business class air ticket will cost lower than a first-class, it is still worth the upgrade if you are keen for a more luxurious flight experience without breaking the bank. The food and beverages for customers in business class seats will get to enjoy a wide range of delicacies and is only a step below than what is offered in first-class seating options.


Now that you have a rough idea of what to expect when travelling in business class, here is how you can ensure that you have the best travel and flight deals possible for business class.

Avoid Booking It.

Business class air tickets will always cost at least three times more than a standard seat. So you can retrieve it by using other means instead of buying it upfront in most cases. 

Never Betray An Airline.

When you remain loyal to a certain airline, their loyalty programmes can really do you good as the miles once added up can eventually be used for a free upgrade. Be sure to also keep a lookout on the expiration dates and check your emails from the airline.

Effortless Acceleration.

Simply said, don’t buy expensive; buy cheap, and then upgrade. This works when you purchase an upgradeable coach or premium economy fare before applying your points to get into business class.

Purchase the Points.

This can be done directly from the airline in mind. Be sure to keep an eye out for promotional business class pricing flight and travel deals which all depend on many variables, so get out your calculator and start crunching before you purchase. 

Soar Through The Skies When It’s Empty.

On a weekly basis, these business travelers are busy bees so fly when they aren’t! Normally, they don’t opt for weekends so that would leave those business class air tickets seats up for grabs. 

Lookout for the Open Seat.

If your seat in coach is at the front of the plane then listen carefully for when the cabin doors shut. Usually, if there’s an open business-class seat, the flight attendant will let you move if you request for so. It won’t hurt to also strike up a conversation with the attendant once boarded.

Upgrade at Check-In.

Desperate time calls for desperate measures so just ask for an upgrade, purchase it at check-in if there are any vacancies when you have the miles to get it for free. Airlines will often offer them at a discounted rate.


Based on whether you are flying a domestic or international flight, every airline has its own unique offerings but overall, these tips will do you good and can give you the necessary heads up when booking business class seatings. Always check with each individual airline or  business travel management company before booking so that you are able to choose the best deals. Which seating will you choose for your next flight?

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