Summer and school holidays are fast approaching and it seems that everyone is planning trips around the world and even in their own country. But with plenty to witness and make memories of, just how will students be able to afford this? Below are some tips and tricks on some student travel deals and how you can travel on a budget and still have a lot of fun.

First Tip: Be Sure To Book Flights Ahead Of Time

Early birds get the worm after all so log into the airline websites and book your flights early so that you would score the cheaper fares. Most airlines offer lower midweek travel prices as weekend flights tend to have the premium function to it. So opt for travelling on a Tuesday. Whether you are flying anywhere in Malaysia or abroad, there will always be cheap airline tickets for local and international travels, especially for students. Some airlines do also offer flight ticket concessions for students so be on a lookout for that. All the money you have saved when travelling midweek can then be spent on accommodation, food and the odd souvenirs.

Second Tip: Make Public Transportation Your Best Friend

When you travel abroad especially and arrive in a whole new country, the need to visit other states is most likely to happen. Although it is time-efficient to hop on the next flight to go from one state to the other, embracing public transportation like buses and trains will do more good for your wallet as not many countries offer student discount airline tickets and travel deals.

Third Tip: Spend The Night In A Hostels or Airbnb

Forget the luxuries of hotel suites and trade it in for hostels or a studio shared among your peers. Naturally, when a room is shared, the cost will be divided and more affordable. Even better is if you have a relative in that particular state or country, reaching out to them in hopes you could stay with them for a few nights will definitely make your student travels and trips a more worthwhile experience.

Fourth Tip: Discounts Galore For Students

When you are a university student especially, there are many privileges that have been provided so don’t let it go to waste. When a student ID is issued to you, you are then entitled to various benefits and discounts such as cheap international and local airline tickets for students, endless student travel packages and deals, and even flight ticket concessions. Hence, it is absolutely crucial that you have your student ID card with you at all times as you might hit the jackpot and gain exceptional student travel deals when you are travelling, shopping or even eating out. 

Fifth Tip: Have A Budget And Enjoy The Local Delicacies

As great as it may be to travel spontaneously, but as a student, it is best to have a budget and a plan. Research all the student travel packages and deals, student discount airline tickets offered and of course the cheap international and local airline tickets offered so you will be able to secure a budget. When that is finalised, you are then able to know how much can afford to splurge once arrived at the desired location. It is encouraged to embrace the local cuisines instead of the more expensive chic restaurants. Not only will you be able to experience delicious wholesome meals but as well as the culture amongst the people.

When you are travelling on a budget, it is always good to not have any check-in luggages so make sure to bring only the necessities and pack efficiently into your hand luggage. This can also help you to make any unnecessary and unexpected purchases on unplanned items.

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