Imaging going anywhere in the world, travelling and discovering the wonders this life has to offer without worrying at all about food, accommodations, places to see, and the list for the ideal Muslim tour package or best Islamic holiday destination goes on. And this is actually the same case for many religions as oftentimes, we would have our own set of restrictions and limitations in whatever pursuit.

So if you are a Muslim traveler and looking for Halal holiday tips for the best Halal holiday destinations, then these may be helpful for you as this guide untangles preconceptions about Muslim travel or Islamic holiday vacations, and how to still enjoy a tailor-made adventure!

Within Asia

When you get your head around a halal holiday and Muslim tour packages, automatically, the easiest way to ensure it fits within Syariah compliance is when you book your flight to any countries within Asia that has a mainly Muslim population such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, or even certain regions in Thailand and Vietnam. Muslim travelers will be spoilt for choice on the abundance access to halal dining, prayer facilities and even gender-segregated swimming pools and spas by some locally owned hotels.

Rich in Culture and History

If you are especially interested in immersing yourself in a country’s cultural customs, where the teachings of Islam are simply part of daily life, then making your way down to Sri Lanka for a rich and fulfilling experience by discovering aspects of Tamil, Malay and Dutch heritage. Or sign up for a Muslim tour package and chance on the wonders of Morocco, Jordan and Turkey to compare the contrast cultural customs across the continents. Both Muslims and non-Muslim are always welcome to seek knowledge and go on a halal holiday.

Standby Muslim Mobile Apps

These days, the amount of mobile travel apps available in the market has advanced and allowed us to not only find the perfect accommodations, flight tickets or restaurants but to help redirect you the Qibla directions, highly-rated Halal delicacies and of course, the nearest mosque. You can do so with apps like Muslim Pro to inform you about prayer times, Azan, Quran verses, and more.

Muslim Travel Agencies To The Rescue

For many Western countries, you won’t often find plenty of Muslim travel agencies and it would usually be suitable if you are opting to travel with big tour groups. However, there are still some that offer amazing Muslim tour packages which they will arrange everything for you – from accommodations and flights to food options, going on vacation with a Muslim travel agency such Cit Travel will in doubt make everything easier. The thought of worrying where you can perform your prayers or places to go with rich Islamic history will be taken care of.

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