Imagine you are a manufacturer with urgent bulk orders from both your domestic and international customers. How will you deliver everything on time? What is the best way to deliver your cargo offshore? What are the licensing requirements needed? This is where an international freight forwarder comes in. Freight forwarders are well equipped with the proper expertise and knowledge on both international and domestic trade to provide their customers with a comprehensive set of logistic solutions. Here are some reasons why you need freight forwarding services:

Save time and hassle

As the experts on the logistics network, a freight forwarder will coordinate on all aspects of your cargo’s transportation which includes booking the cargo space, coordinating different types of freight charges, storage and warehousing, and in some cases, even the arrangement of distribution. For example, the shipping forwarder in Malaysia may arrange for the goods to be moved from your manufacturing plant to an airport by lorry, then it is flown to the destination city, and finally moved from the airport to the final point of destination by another lorry. This will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run leaving you to focus on what is most important, actually running your business!

Trade laws and customs clearance

As you may have already known, the importing and exporting process is very complex especially since every country would have their own separate rules and regulations that need to be followed. Failing to do so may result in hefty fines and penalties not to mention the cargo might be delayed which will ruin your company’s reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build. This is why freight forwarders act as the first point of contact with both customs authorities and the receiving customers to ensure the clearing of goods through customs barriers by preparing and processing customs documentation and proper declarations of items.

Keeping shipping prices low

An ideal freight forwarding company usually has built very strong relations with various transporters and carriers which allows them to negotiate for better pricing and options on your behalf. This ensures that your cargo will arrive at its final destination on time and in perfect condition while keeping the transportation and storage costs low.

Safety is the top priority

A freight forwarding company in Malaysia typically offers a comprehensive set of safety measures for your cargo to ensure that nothing gets lost in transition. On some occasions, insurance packages may be employed such as marine insurance or air cargo insurance. In addition to safeguarding your cargo, freight forwarders also provide tracking systems that allow you to get real-time updates on the cargo shipments and their current status.

Comprehensive set of services and solutions

Whether it be domestic distribution or international shipping, freight forwarding companies are prepared to deliver solutions that best fits your company’s needs. Some of the services offered include air freight, ocean freight, warehousing and distribution, custom brokerage, overland transportation (road and rail), supply chain management, and many others. This is why freight forwarding is truly the most cost-effective and reliable one-stop solution for any companies that are looking into optimising their logistics.

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