A crane is a tower that is equipped with different types of heavy-duty pulleys or cables. They are most commonly used to move equipment or machinery or lift and lower heavy objects and construction materials. Cranes are essential in the construction industry and are used when manufacturing heavy machinery. They are very efficient in transporting machinery into trenches, steep downhills, or other terrains and are usually controlled by an operator in the crane itself, by a control station, or by radio type controls. To ensure that construction site safety is maintained, the crane operator is usually responsible for the safety of the site and the working crane. There are a variety of crane types that crane suppliers in Malaysia offer which serves different functions and purposes depending on the requirements. Here’s a closer look at the types of cranes available.

Crawler Crane

These cranes are one of the most mobile cranes available in the market due to its wide and low centre of gravity but they usually need to be disassembled to be loaded on transport trailers or trucks to move between sites. Crawler cranes have a lifting capacity of 50 tonnes to 100 tonnes. This crane is most ideal for moving heavy materials or machinery on unstable or uneven terrain while being able to maintain its stability and mobility with ease. Some crawler cranes are equipped with a telescopic arm which allows it to change its size according to the terrain, making it a highly adaptable equipment to have. Crawler cranes are best suited for long-term projects.

Mobile Crane

Mobile cranes, as the name suggests, are highly mobile machinery that can even travel on the highway. They are mounted on other trailers or vehicles sometimes to be moved easily. When mobile cranes are assembled on the working construction site, rigs are extended to stabilize the base of the crane. Fortunately, mobile cranes are easy to set up which makes them the go-to crane for emergency or rescue situations. Additionally, mobile cranes are able to reach higher distances to move heavy loads, transporting them to the exact location needed. Thanks to this, mobile cranes are the most standard and versatile type of crane used in construction sites today.

Rough Terrain Crane

As the name implies, rough terrain cranes are mainly used for rough or uneven terrain. They are commonly used to carry operations that are off-road and are designed to be used on sites that are not large enough for heavy equipment. The rough terrain crane utilizes rubber tires instead of the usual tracks so that it can be used for off-road operations ideal for construction sites that have terrible terrain. Although smaller than other cranes, it has multiple axles and advanced hydraulic power to allow it to lift heavy loads. Outriggers that extend horizontally and vertically helps to stabilize this crane but the time taken to erect the crane is very short hence projects are usually able to be completed faster.

Lorry Crane

There are two types of lorry cranes available, the cargo lorry crane and platform lorry crane. These lorry cranes can transport heavy loads of between 8 tonnes and 20 tonnes. Both types of cranes are often used to transport and lift heavy materials such as steel plates, cabins or containers, transformers, and more. The main advantage of choosing lorry cranes is its ability to travel on the highway and roads which avoids the need for another vehicle to transport this machinery to the construction site. Its versatility and mobility can help businesses to save time and cost while increasing construction efficiency.

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