It is undeniable that our furkids are a part of our family, our child that needs our utmost care and attention, more so, as they are unable to communicate their needs and pain with us. 

As a pet-owner, it is important to keep track of how our pet is feeling and look for signs of possible illness or discomfort. We have to always be prepared to take our pets to an animal clinic if the observed symptoms persist.

In Malaysia, there are many animal clinics that provide a wide range of services including veterinary surgery and emergency vet services. Having the contact details of these clinics will be handy when the need arises.

Here are some signs that we have to look out for in our pets to determine whether they need to be taken to the animal clinic:

Loss of appetite

There are several reasons why cats may lose their appetite – it may be as simple as the food is not flavourful or the pet is not comfortable with the spot the food is placed, or it may be facing a more severe issue such as anorexia – yes, cats too can be anorexic! And if you find your cat losing too much weight, take it to the animal clinic immediately.


Having a high temperature can be a sign that your cat is unwell. If you see your cat unusually quiet and inactive, try taking its temperature. If it is more than 39-degree Celsius, bring it to the emergency vet immediately.


If your cat is drinking more water than usual, it is a sign that its body is dehydrated. You can supplement it with more water but if you see your cats’ eyes looking sunken, the gums dry and it starts losing appetite, you may need professional help.


If you notice that your cat has been lethargic and losing its appetite for some time, it may be a sign of kidney infection. Kidney infection in cats is quite common and it may be treated through medication or in severe cases through veterinary surgery.

As a pet owner, it is our responsibility ta care for our pet like our own child. Any signs or symptoms that are unusual should not be taken lightly. In Malaysia, there are many affordable animal clinics that cater to routine check-ups as well as veterinary surgery and emergency vet services. You should always have the contact details of the clinic nearest to you.

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