Freight forwarding is the process of forwarding goods between one destination to another using different modes of transport, including air, ocean, road and railway freights. Freight forwarding companies usually make complete arrangements for their clients – some even provide warehouse and distribution services. Freight forwarders or logistic forwarders act as an intermediary between their clients and the transportation provider – from negotiating the price to deciding on the most reliable, economical and time-saving route. 

In Malaysia, there are many reliable freight forwarding companies such as Empire World Express that provides a comprehensive service to their customers. Engaging a freight forwarder makes the import and export process smoother and less stressful. The experience and expertise of a freight forwarding company in supply chain management, packing and warehousing and customs procedure can make the whole process effortless. 

Services Provided by Freight Forwarding Companies

Services provided by freight forwarders include customs clearance, international import and export documentation, insurance coverage, packaging, warehouse and storage as well as inventory management. Freight forwarding companies can also advise customers on the regulations and restrictions imposed on certain products such as dangerous goods, drugs, perishable items, batteries and sharp objects. 

Advantages of Engaging a Logistics Forwarder

A forwarding agent is able to provide advice on the costs of transportation and other related services and guide customers on deciding on the most profitable logistic option. They are experts in the process and procedures, making them a reliable source when it comes to advising on the documentation needed in the import and export process. They can also deal with the formalities and customs clearance. With the knowledge and experience of a logistics forwarder, customers can be assured that their shipments arrive safely at the correct destination on time, saving customers the cost and time in the process. 

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