Being a Malaysian can be quite hard sometimes especially when you have to control the urge to eat Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai during breakfast as we have so many choices to choose from. If you are someone who always wants to eat clean and go for a healthier breakfast, there are a quite number of healthy breakfast cereals out there in Malaysia.

But the question is, are the ingredients they used in producing these cereals healthy enough for your health as they claimed to be? Are they really worth the price? Or are they just some kind of overprice cereals with over-claimed benefits?


There are numerous products out there that claim to be healthy which makes people blinded by their over claiming benefits. However, these so-called healthy cereals still use additional preservatives, colourings, chemicals and others as the main ingredients in their products, which still might be harmful to our health.

When you look for chemical-free healthy cereals in Malaysia, it is also important for you to find breakfast that can offer nutritious benefits especially with the presence of minerals, vitamins and so forth. Other than being rich sources of energy, some healthy cereals like organic oats and granola cereals are able to help to improve your health by regulating blood sugar, removing cholesterol and many more.

It is also super quick and easy to prepare your breakfast meal if you choose to go with healthy cereal especially when you get your cereals from Love Earth. Sometimes, all you need are just cereals and hot water or milk and it’s ready! However, you can add some dried fruits, nuts, maple syrup or whatever you want to add according to your own liking and preferences.

Hence, it is important for you to choose the best cereals without having any doubt whether it is healthy enough or not. Love Earth provides the best healthy cereal in Malaysia where only healthy ingredients are used, 100% organic and most importantly, without the presence of artificial flavours and additives. 

Now, you no longer have to worry to find healthy breakfast cereals as My Love Earth offers the best organic oats and granola cereals that are available in Malaysia today.

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