Originating from Chinese cuisine, bird’s nest soup is an expensive delicacy that is served as a dessert in many South East Asian countries. It is often served as a warm soup that can either be sweet or savoury. It is also common to drink bird nest with rock sugar.

Many people often wonder why this soup is highly regarded as one of the most expensive delicacies in the world, especially customers who buy premium bird nest in Malaysia. Today, we will dive more into this topic below. 


Bird Nest Product in Malaysia

One of the top reasons that bird’s nest drinks are so expensive is because traditional Chinese medical practitioners believe that it contains high nutritional value that improves your overall health.

You can also buy bird nest with rock sugar for younger children, so that they will enjoy drinking them. Furthermore, it helps with better blood circulation, along with improving our body’s lungs, kidney and intestinal functions

Secondly, bird’s nest retrievers risk their lives and safety to harvest these bird’s nests. Swiftlets often build their nests at dizzying heights in caves.

Armed with only a helmet, handmade ropes and makeshift ladders, these retrievers would climb up without any safety nets or harnesses to extract the nests from the cave walls to harvest the nests, and then turn them into tasty bird’s nest product in Malaysia. As such, bird’s nest suppliers often charge a hefty price for their products!

Finally, bird’s nest products are expensive because they require countless hours of cleaning before using them for soup. Cleaning is essential to eliminate bacteria because a swiftlet’s nest is made from a mixture of bird feathers and saliva.

It takes approximately 8 to 10 hours for one single person to clean it properly to turn it into a tasty product like bird nest with rock sugar. This is not an easy process at all! 


Premium Bird Nest in Malaysia

Therefore, based on all the points mentioned above, it is easy to understand why premium bird nest in Malaysia are such expensive products sold at stores. Nonetheless, the bird’s nest retriever’s hard work is worth it, as many people across South East Asia are able to enjoy this tasty and delicious delicacy until today.

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