Windows 365 in Malaysia is a cloud-based service that enables business owners like yourself to access Cloud PCs from anywhere. Inside the Windows 365 portal, your employees will be able to access powerful apps such as: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Defender and many more.

Yes, Windows 365 has many similarities with Microsoft Azure in Malaysia. Many employers use Microsoft Azure in Malaysia because it is an enterprise service, but the difference is, the former is much more user-friendly than the latter. 


The Unique Features of Windows 365 Business

With Windows 365, you can create your own personalised Windows virtual machine for end users like your employees. Windows 365 allows your employees to access their work computer via the cloud by streaming it through a browser. This makes it super convenient for your employees to work from anywhere, especially if you need them to work on an urgent task when they don’t have their work laptop with them.

Another good feature of Windows 365 is that it has an extremely fast internet. All the files and folders you saved are all located on the cloud. As such, when you need to download these files, it only takes a second because it is downloaded straight to Microsoft’s data centres. 

Windows 365, especially Windows 365 Business, is also designed to help IT administrators, so that they don’t have to perform mundane tasks such as maintaining networks and software infrastructure, because the IT administrator can just manage all users’ devices through the Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM). 

All devices that are compatible with Windows 365 in Malaysia include: macOS, iPadOs, Linux and Android.


Are You Sure About Using Microsoft Azure in Malaysia?

As highlighted earlier in the paragraphs above, using Microsoft Azure in Malaysia may be harder for your employees to pick up, and this would probably make their workflow and efficiency slower as they will require time to learn how to use it. So, if you want to buy Windows 365 Business today, you can click the previous link. 

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