There are many businesses out there who are not sure whether to use Microsoft 365 in Malaysia or Microsoft Azure in Malaysia. In fact, most people do not know the difference between the two.

In this article, we will try to explain what Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 are. Later below, we will also list out Microsoft 365 price in Malaysia and Azure’s as well. We will also explain which IT company you should consider trying their products and services as well. Let’s begin. 


Is Microsoft Azure in Malaysia Right For Your Business?

Microsoft Azure is a hybrid cloud that helps developers to deliver better productivity for companies and businesses from all industries. It has more than 200 products on its platform to build, run and manage applications across different clouds and premises. In short, it is a public cloud computing platform. 

If your business starts using Microsoft Azure in Malaysia, you can use a wide range of cloud services like compute, analytics, networking and storage. It is also one of the best Microsoft cloud in Malaysia that are recommended by good IT companies like One Centro. 

We highly recommend Microsoft Azure to developers who often need to run virtual machines or containers in the cloud. You can use Linux as well to run it, because it is supported by Microsoft Azure. You can get this Microsoft cloud in Malaysia at One Centro today.


Is Microsoft 365 in Malaysia Good For Your Business?

Microsoft 365 is good for business productivity as it enables you to use multiple tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and it is all connected for good user experience. We think that it is good for users who are in industries such as law, accounting, business, economics and many more. We will also talk about the Microsoft 365 price in Malaysia further below.

The tools offered in Microsoft 365 are basic tools needed to write out essays, articles, spreadsheets and presentations. This is very helpful to any business person and can assist them in their work. Other than that, Microsoft 365 in Malaysia is also subscription based, and Microsoft 365 price in Malaysia is fairly reasonable even for SMEs as well. This is also a good Microsoft cloud in Malaysia.

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