In recent years, the demand for domestic helpers in Singapore has been on the rise, particularly from Myanmar. Many families in Singapore have recognized the invaluable contributions and skills that Myanmar maids bring to their households. Besides providing essential support with household chores, these maids also play a vital role in childcare, elderly care, and general family assistance. This article aims to shed light on the lucrative salaries that Myanmar maids receive in Singapore, highlighting the factors that contribute to their earning potential.


Factors Influencing Salaries

  1. Expertise and Abilities

The level of experience and competence of a Myanmar maid in Singapore is a major factor in determining their salary. Generally speaking, maids with extensive experience and specialised talents, such as caregiving or cooking, command higher wages. They are in high demand due to their ability to adapt quickly to various household needs and perform tasks efficiently.


  1. Language Competence

The ability to speak English is a significant benefit for Myanmar servants in Singapore. Those who are proficient in the English language are more likely to receive higher salaries. Integration into the household requires effective communication, particularly when dealing with children, elderly family members, and daily interactions with employers.


  1. Additional Requirements

Maids from Myanmar with additional credentials, such as certification in first aid or diplomas in caregiving, have an advantage on the job market. These credentials demonstrate their dedication to professional development and provide employers with assurance. As a result of their enhanced skill sets, nannies with such credentials typically earn a higher wage.


  1. Employer Preferences

Employer expectations play an important role in determining the salaries of Myanmar servants. Employers who require specific duties or have greater expectations regarding the maid’s responsibilities typically offer a higher wage. Families with infants or elderly members requiring specialized care, for instance, may be willing to pay a premium for maids with pertinent experience.


Average Wages of Myanmar Domestic Help

The average monthly wage of a domestic from Myanmar in Singapore ranges between SGD 600 and SGD 800. It is essential to note, however, that this number can vary substantially based on the factors previously mentioned. Maids with a higher level of experience, exceptional language skills, and additional qualifications can earn monthly wages in excess of SGD 1,000. Some experienced Myanmar nannies with specialized abilities may earn over $1,200 SGD per month.


Advantages and Incentives

In addition to their monthly wages, Myanmar servants in Singapore receive a variety of benefits and incentives from their employers. Examples include:

  • Employers are required to provide servants with suitable housing, ensuring that they have a comfortable living environment.
  • Employers typically provide servants with meals or a monthly food allowance to ensure that they are well-nourished.
  • Medical Expenses: Employers are responsible for funding their maids’ medical expenses in the event of illness or injury.
  • One day off per week is allotted to Myanmar maids, enabling them to rest, engage in personal pursuits, or spend time with friends.



Myanmar maids in Singapore receive lucrative salaries that reflect their valuable contributions to households. Factors such as experience, language proficiency, additional qualifications, and employer expectations influence their earning potential. It is important to acknowledge the skills and dedication that Myanmar maids bring to their work, ensuring fair compensation and a supportive work environment.

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