Door locks are the safe-keepers for the doors of your home. Door locks help to secure your home against burglar and unwelcomed intruders. It is very important to get a decent door lock for enhanced security and protection. In Malaysia, there are an extensive range of door locks available, but do you know which door lock is the best to making sure that your personal space is free from burglary. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the 5 types of door lock that will make you feel secure.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are one of the best locking mechanisms that give you the high level of protection. They are very different from standard lock, as they have a steel bolt that can be extended or retracted based on the turning of a key. This makes deadbolt lock impossible to break by using knife or crowbars. So, they are usually used for external doors. The 3 main types of deadbolt locks are single cylinder deadbolt, double cylinder deadbolt and lockable thumbturn. Single cylinder deadbolt has a key cylinder on the outside and a twist knob on the inside. So a key is needed to lock or unlocked the door from the outside. As for double cylinder deadbolt, it is more secure than the single kind, as both inside and outside of the door use a key cylinder to prevent invaders from easily reaching in. The other type of deadbolt has greater flexibility and security, which is known as lockable thumbturn. It is a hybrid between single and double cylinder deadbolt. It equips a lockable thumbturn on the inside and a keyhole on the outside.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are the most commonly used door locks on the market. Mortise locks are ideal for buildings that have very high foot traffic. They are suitable for commercial, residential as well as institutional applications. They provide a higher degree of security, but they come with an expensive price tag. This type of lock system is embedded within the door itself, making it very effective in preventing any forced entry into the house. Mortise locks consist of different components such as the knobs, spindle, strike plate and lock cylinder. Lock body is the housing for all the mechanical parts like lever trim, cylinder, entry latch, bolt and sash locks. All of these parts are assembled inside the lock body and make the locking mechanism more secure and versatile. Other than its sturdiness, mortise lock also aesthetically pleasing. Installing of mortise lock is more complicated as it requires drilling and cutting, so it is important to find a professional door lock suppliers to make the precise cut. Technically, mortise lock is the most powerful door lock that can last a lifetime.

Cylindrical Locks

Cylindrical door lock is commonly used in household and business. It is the least expensive type of lock because of its quick assembly. Installation of a cylindrical door lock is easier and faster than a mortise lock, because it does not requires special or expensive equipments. The lock operates with specific arrangement of pins that can only be unlocked with the right pattern on a key. In other words, only the right key can unlock the door. Cylindrical lock can be installed by drilling 2 holes in the door without damaging the door. Besides, cylindrical locks available in variety of styles and finishes that suitable for both residential as well as commercial use. The high-end kind of cylindrical lock is costly but with ultimate endurance and strength to keep your family safe. Thus, cylindrical lock is ideal for all kind of situations and gives you peace of mind when you are not at home.


Padlocks are free standing and portable types of door lock. They are available in a wide range of materials, sizes as well as design. Padlocks are typically made from stainless steel or non-corrosive materials like brass that are built to withstand worst treatment like cutting or drilling. Combination and keyed are the 2 common types of padlock. Combination lock requires a group of number to operate instead of a key. The lock opens when the correct combination is entered. Keyed padlock, on the other hand, needs a right key to rotate the cylinder, so as to unlock it. Besides, there is a kind of key-retaining padlock that does not allow the key to be removed from the padlock when the lock is open. This kind of door lock helps to prevent the key from getting lost or stolen. In short, padlock helps to keep your house safe and it remains a highly popular choice due to its convenient use and affordability.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are widely used for interior doors in residential or business setting like bedroom, bathroom and offices. The locking system is located in the knob rather than the door. This kind of door lock has 2 knobs on the both sides where one side with a lock, while the other side has a key hole. This effectively helps to secure the space from unauthorized entry, as only user with the right key can fit the lock. Undoubtedly, it is designed with security in mind as it works efficiently and smoothly in all types of application. Highest grade of knob locks usually loaded with some security core to provide the most security on the interior doors. Also, knob locks are both functional and stylish as they are available in different styles and finishes to match with the door’s design. For advanced home security, it is advisable to purchase knob locks from reliable door lock suppliers that are able to offer the best quality and ultimate security of door lock in Malaysia.
Deadbolt locks, mortise locks, cylindrical locks, padlocks and knob locks are the great choices when it comes to security performance and protection. They are incredibly important for your safety and help to secure your precious belongings. Needless to say, different kinds of lock systems provide varying levels of security and protection. So, before you purchase security door locks, you need to make sure that you fully understand the features of each door lock as well as your needs and budget.

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