According to recent statistics, businesses that use LED displays make more sales and reach greater audiences than those that don’t. That’s why if you’re keen on improving the performance of your brick and mortar business, getting yourself an LED display should be a no-brainer. In Malaysia, there are lots of services that tailor LED displays for businesses of all sizes, so it’s really not that hard to find someone to cater to your needs.


The only real issue is finding a good service that provides high quality displays at a budget-friendly cost. No doubt, LED displays can be pretty costly, but there are ways you can get them at more affordable prices.


Find out how to get cheaper LED displays in Malaysia and boost your business’ performance without spending too much by following these 4 tips.


4 Ways to Get Cheaper LED Displays


1. Buy Them in Bulk


Of course, the more LED display units you buy, the bigger the upfront cost becomes. So how is it more affordable to purchase LED displays in greater numbers? The secret lies in the fact that may Malaysian companies offering LED displays to give buyers discounts on bigger purchases.


So if you’ve got several outlets that you want to revamp or if you simply want more than one LED display at your only physical store, it would be wise to purchase them all at the same time instead of breaking your purchase down into batches. So although the upfront cost might seem steep, you’re actually able to save more in the long run.


2. Compare Service Providers


Generally speaking, signage companies in Malaysia offer pretty much the same prices. This keeps things competitive and guarantees that each one of them is able to provide services to consumers at an industry-standard cost. However, to further improve sales, these providers also offer their own unique promotions and discounts.


Before you settle on a choice, try to scout out your options and give them an idea of your order. Odds are, these different LED display providers will all quote a similar price, but throw in a variety of different freebies and promotional offers that improve the value of their service. These can greatly differ, so figure out which promo suits your needs best to find an option that maximizes your money’s worth.


3. Choose Multiple Small Ones Over Single Big Ones


A big bright LED display might seem like the perfect addition to your storefront, but according to studies, smaller signs that are distributed across your store’s façade are much more effective at drawing in consumers.


This is because smaller screens can be spread out throughout your exterior, thus allowing you to reach more eyes from different vantage points. So, to get the best returns out of your signage, opt to get smaller ones in greater numbers. This should help you win back what you spent faster.


4. Consider the Warranty and Replacement Policy


Sometimes, you might come across an LED display that seems too good to be true. These ultra-affordable options often come at much easier costs, so business owners on a budget gravitate towards them in their search for pocket-friendly LED light solutions.


Unfortunately, these offers don’t come with a warranty or a replacement and repair policy, so when they give up on you in the future (and believe us, they will) you won’t be able to contact the provider for a replacement or repair. So while they do seem cheaper at the start, the need to replace them sooner rather than later ultimately makes them much more expensive than any other option you’re likely to find.


Make sure to purchase your LED display only from reputable services in your area and always check the warranty and policy to find out what services you’re entitled to in case of a defective display.




An LED display for your business is an investment, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Keep these tips in mind when you look for the best LED display board Malaysia has to offer and get yourself a reliable marketing tool that won’t put too much of a dent on your wallet.

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