How To Pick Best Office Chair

Productivity in the workplace is something every employer looks for. One of the easiest ways of promoting better productivity is by getting a good office chair in Malaysia. As employees spend long hours typing away, it is important to invest in quality office chairs. Bad office chairs can quickly cause backache and discomfort. A good office chair in KL will give your employees better comfort, health and therefore better productivity. Here are some of our tips on how to pick the best office chair in Malaysia.


1.) Lumbar Support

The most important part of any good office chair is to have sufficient lumbar support. Your backbone is naturally curved. Getting a chair with a lumbar support that fits the natural contours of the backbone is important. It allows your backbone to be slightly arched all the time for support and comfort. Lumbar support also reduces stress and compression of the lumbar discs. Those suffering from backache due to long hours of sitting should definitely get an office chair with proper lumbar support.


2.) Adjustable height

Any decent office chair should offer height adjustment options. This is to make sure that you can maintain a good sitting posture. Ideally, the thighs should be horizontal to the floor to promote better circulation and muscle relaxation. Try to look for chairs that offer adjustments for higher or lower seat placements.


3.) Adjustable back and armrest

The backrest should also be adjustable so that it can be placed at the most comfortable position. A locking mechanism should also be present to prevent any sudden jolting. An adjustable armrest also makes sure that you can place your hands at an ideal posture to prevent slouching.


4.) Material

The chair should be made with a comfortable material that is breathable. This makes sure that your body remains comfortable even with prolonged periods of sitting. Other than that, you should try to get padding that is neither too hard or soft.



Choosing the right office chair can be beneficial for your employees’ overall health and productivity. With Tabula Rasa, you can even now get your office chairs online in Malaysia. They are definitely the experts when it comes to quality furniture. Get your office chairs online in KL today with Tabula Rasa.

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